Notre engagement

Our commitment

In order to actively contribute to the preservation of the environment and to be aware of environmental issues, the establishment is committed through its environmental policy.
In order to reduce its ecological footprint through the continuous improvement of its environmental performance and with the aim of providing quality services for its guests, the establishment has set itself the following objectives. 

Reduce energy consumption and promote renewable energy
Water consumption is optimised as much as possible, with basins to recover water in the sink, a pressure reducer and flow reducers.
Waste management is optimised: everything is sorted by the guests or by us in the bins in the living room or in the bins outside.
Promote the use of renewable resources and substances that are less harmful to the environment,
To promote communication and education on environmental issues.

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Our environmental approach

As part of its approach and in pursuit of its objectives, the establishment has implemented the following measures

Use of low-energy light bulbs in 100% of the facility to reduce our electricity consumption.
Financial support for the production of renewable energy.
Replacing HS appliances with A-class products.
Use of biodegradable waste bags.
Ecological management of green spaces through the absence of phytosanitary products
Continuous training in ecological practices,
Inviting our customers to follow our approach through messages of awareness of eco-actions.
Raising our customers' awareness of the need to use alternative means of transport.
We encourage our customers to send us any suggestion that could contribute to the improvement of our environmental approach.

We remain at your disposal for any suggestion and to collect your remarks.